P17011: Wheelchair-Accessible Restroom

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase the team developed preliminary test plans for the toilet seat, the most critical component of the system. All other component functionality is secondary to the toilet seat, as the entire system is designed around the toilet seat.

Test Plan Summary

Toilet Lifter and Seat Concept

Toilet Lifter and Seat Concept

The Toilet Subsystem is comprised of two commercial off the shelf bottle jacks, rated for of 6000 pounds of applied load. At this time there is little, if any, concern about these devices buckling and or failing under load during toilet seat use. The much more likely component to fail, which will require the most testing, is the composite, E-Glass toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Test Plan

An ASTM specification for testing cantilevered, composite toilet seats was never located during brief search, therefore testing recommendations will be developed using engineering intuition and best practice.

Seat Testing Procedure:

  1. Place Toilet Seat on edge of table to simulate being cantilevered on toilet base sub assembly.
  2. Using C-Clamps and Carpenter's clamps, apply significant force to the seat to simulate being bolted to the toilet base sub assembly.
  3. Photograph seat pre-testing
  4. Apply a proof load of 50% the ultimate load of 500 [lb] to the seat.
  5. Remove load and inspect seat for signs of stress and yielding. Photograph and compare to pre-testing photograph data.

Risk Tracking

Toilet Seat Concept

Toilet Seat Concept

The two largest issues with the seat failing come from the manufacture and test of the seat. Specific issues have been created and addressed in the following seconds.

Seat Manufacture

Composite Seat Risk

Composite Seat Risk

  1. The major issue in manufacturing the seat come from the seat not releasing from the surface it is laid upon. In this case, the surface is a sheet of polycarbonate plastic.

Seat Testing

Broken Seat

Broken Seat

  1. Due to a lack of surplus materials, only one seat can be constructed. Therefore it would be catastrophic for later plans if the seat were to be completely destroyed during testing.

Build Prep

The links to the preliminary component drawings can be found here.


  1. Due to Fusion's Version control, verification of the drawing revision in the folder is necessary
  2. Fusion's Drawing package is not the most robust, therefore there are some issues in the hole and thread callouts

Component Drawings.

Plans for next phase

Next phase, the team wishes to begin manufacturing subsystems and start the process of getting jobs through the Mechanical Engineering Machine shop.

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