P17012: Energy Absorbing Knee Brace

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The team will complete both brace design builds and being to test them against known benchmarks and expectations. The electronics portion will be prototyped further and analysis will be completed on all components and subsystems as they are assembled. The test rig will be assembled and testing will begin. Human subject testing approval is being reviewed and once the team has approval testing may begin.

Electronic Design

Electronic Layout

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/ElectronicLayout.png

Electronic Block Schematic

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/ElectronicSchematic.PNG

Electronic Activity Diagram

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/WirelessActivity.png

Electronic Power Calculations

Power Calculations

Brace Apparatus Design - Linear (1)

public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Full_Assembly_Linear.png

Prototype Design 1 Assembled

public/Photo Gallery/Implementation/Design1.jpg

Design 1 Component Drawings

Full Assembly

Connection Base

Lower Bracket

Top Bracket

Ace Brace Base Assembly Drawing

Motion Bracket Drawing

Brace Apparatus Design - Rotational (2)

public/Photo Gallery/Implementation/Design2Welded.JPG public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Isometric.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Side.PNG

Exploded CAD Design


Test Rig Bill of Materials

public/Photo Gallery/Test Rig/TestRig.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Test Rig/Front.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Test Rig/Left.PNG

Test Rig Motor

Motor selection is underway and subject matter experts are currently being consulted. When selected the test rig motor and related materials will be included on the Bill of Materials.

Test Plan Summary

Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

Three Week Plan

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