P17012: Energy Absorbing Knee Brace

Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

In this phase, the team plans to finalize the detailed design and prototype each relevant sub system and prove its intended efficacy. We will complete our test plan for next semester including the human subject test plan submitted to the regulatory body and the non-human test plan; and finalize a list of parts we need to order to develop our test rig. We will have an established bill of materials, with the goal at the end of the semester to order every part needed for prototyping, building the test rig, and building our final detailed design.

Progress Report

Team Progress Report

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Pugh Design Comparison

public/Detailed Design Documents/pugh.PNG

Electronic Prototyping

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/DemoPCApp.PNG

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Electronic Schematics

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/ElectronicLayout.png

public/Photo Gallery/Electronic Design/WirelessActivity.png

Design 1 Assembly

public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Full_Assembly_Linear.png

Design 1 Component Drawings

Full Assembly

Connection Base

Lower Bracket

Top Bracket

Ace Brace Base Assembly Drawing

Motion Bracket Drawing

Design 2: Rotational Spring

public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Isometric.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Side.PNG

Exploded CAD Design

Design 3

Customer preferred the Linear and Rotational Spring models instead, which will be carried forward.

public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Angled-Front.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Drawing PDFs/Side-Front.PNG

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials

Test Plans

Human Subject Informed Consent Form

Human Subjects Test Plan

Electronic Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Design Review Materials

Design Review

Plans for MSDII

Team Progress Report

Project Schedule

MSD II updated schedule

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