P17012: Energy Absorbing Knee Brace


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Current knee braces work to stabilize the knee. Depending on how vulnerable the knee is, there are different levels of braces from compression sleeves to bulky velcro strapped braces with solid metal framing. When walking down terrain such as a mountain for hiking, knee braces readily available to the public will not absorb shock well. One brace with this capability was designed by Spring Loaded Technology, however it is both expensive and the patient must go through multiple fittings by an Orthotist to create a proper brace on an individual basis.

The goal of this project is to create an inexpensive knee brace that absorbs shock of the patient’s motion. The brace should not cost more than $100 and be comfortable enough for a patient to wear without pain after extended periods of time. The design/prototype must not limit movement to the patient and should be flexible in terms of wearing over or under clothing. If possible, data logging will be added to smartphone device app stores concerning health metrics.

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Project Name
Bionic Knee Brace
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Assistive Devices
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Faculty Guide
Michael Zona, mfzddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Fritz Ebner, fritzebner@gmail.com
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Fritz Ebner

Team Members

Team Members (Left to right):Emily Sanseverino, Andy Tock, Dave Gooden, Ben Boseck, Farrukh Mohiuddin, Linzey Miller

Team Members (Left to right):Emily Sanseverino, Andy Tock, Dave Gooden, Ben Boseck, Farrukh Mohiuddin, Linzey Miller

Member Role Contact
Benjamin Boseck Design Engineer bjb3563@rit.edu
David Gooden Software Engineer dmg6697@rit.edu
Linzey Miller Test Engineer lem6968@rit.edu
Farrukh Mohiuddin Project Engineer fxm3932@rit.edu
Emily Sanseverino Project Manager ejs4592@rit.edu
Andrew Tock Lead Engineer adt2843@rit.edu

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We would like to take a moment to thank all of the people who made this project possible.