P17012: Energy Absorbing Knee Brace

Systems Design

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Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

For this phase, our team vision is to establish preliminary concepts for an overall system level design. End deliverables of this phase include documentation tracing the development of the bionic knee brace concept. Beginning with a functional decomposition and following through with benchmarking, concept creation and concept comparison we plan to determine a high-level approach that meets the needs of our customer requirements. Using this concept, we will continue in the next phase with specific subsystem designs and proof of various concepts to further determine the best solution to reducing user knee pain.

Functional Decomposition

public/Photo Gallery/FunctionalDecomposition.PNG


public/Systems Level Design Documents/PughAce.PNG

public/Systems Level Design Documents/PughDonjoy.PNG

public/Systems Level Design Documents/PughSLT.PNG

Concept Development

public/Systems Level Design Documents/ConceptGeneration.PNG

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Feasibility.PNG

Morphological Chart

public/Systems Level Design Documents/MorphChart.PNG

Selected Concept

public/Systems Level Design Documents/ConceptSelection.PNG

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Modular_Design.JPG

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Complete_Brace.JPG

Risk Assessment

Risk Management (PDF)

Design Review Materials

Systems Design Review Presentation

Plans for next phase

Team Project Schedule

Individual Three Week Plans

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