P17025: Portable Toddler Treadmill

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

In this phase, it was planned to have a preliminary final assembly for the treadmill to be demonstrated to the customer. However, unexpected problems occurred in the mechanical components during the process of the fabrication. This will delay the demonstration of the assembled treadmill until the following phase. Despite the mentioned problems, significant progress has been made in all aspects of the project. Below is a summary of the updates from each category of the project.


Not quite ready to test, systems are still being completed.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical System is for the most part complete with the exception of the following components:
Mechanical System

Mechanical System

Electrical Systems


Electric Schematic

Electric Schematic

Motor Control

Circuit is functional and is testing phase. Needs to be hooked up to arduino and soldered/assembled. Will be tested with hall effect sensor code to extract MPH and to finalize the motor control code once assembled in treadmill.

Foot Pedal

Circuit and connector are assembled and functional.

Foot Pedal Functionality

Emergency Stop

Code has been verified and is functional. Circuit and connectors are assembled.

Hall Effect Sensor

Circuit has been tested and functional as well as code. Will be reassembled in treadmill for testing and feedback.

LCD Hall Effect Sensor & Time Video

LCD Display

Circuit is assembled and functional.


Added a new print to the LCD screen that will read "emergency" in addition to the program requiring the user to restart the treadmill.

Everything else functions the same.

User-simulated Testing & User Manual

The test plan has been updates and the title of the document has been changed to reflect the content of the document correctly. The new User-simulated Testing plan can be found here

A user manual is currently being written for the end-user. It is intended to have this document ready before customer hand-off. The manual will cover all the information that the end-user will need to be aware for safe operation of the treadmill. A screen shot of the manual format is shown below.

User Manual Snapshot

User Manual Snapshot

Plans for next phase

Next phase will result in readiness for Imagine RIT and last touches before customer hand-off.


Individual three-week plans can be found here

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