P17044: Human Tremor Mitigation

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

The Team


Peter Marcote : Biomedical Engineer, Project Leader

Sarah Sibert : Biomedical Engineer, Customer Point of Contact

Ramy Kila : Mechanical Engineer

James Wagner : Mechanical Engineer

Nicholas Lamb : Electrical Engineer


Ed Hanzlik : Guide/Team Coach

Team Values and Norms


  1. General Conversation will be done through the Slack Team Messaging app
  2. Members will discuss their goals for themselves
  3. Members will share their progress, set backs, and struggles with the team
  4. Members will collaborate to establish meeting times, and accomplish joint tasks
  5. Changes to EDGE should be well commented in the change log, as well as mentioned in Slack


  1. Members will keep themselves up to date with the team's knowledge of the problem
  2. Members will keep up to date on the required discussion material for class time

General Open Mindedness

  1. Members should feel free to present ideas, and build on ideas openly and constructively

Personal Accountability

  1. Members should take pride in their work
  2. Members should set goals for themselves and strive to meet their deadlines

Norms, Values, and Conflict Resolution

Project Plans & Schedules

Problem Definition Plan

Problem Definition Plan

Link to Live Gantt Chart here

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Management

Risk Management

Link to Risk Document here

Team Resources

Slack Channel

This is the main venue of communication within the team. Slack is a instant messenger style communication tool.

Team Availability

Team members combined schedules for Fall 2016

Default Meeting Space

The team will meet at the MSD Design Center unless otherwise specified

Meeting Notes

Meeting Date File
8/30/16 Notes
8/31/16 Notes
9/1/16 Notes
9/7/16 Notes
9/12/16 Notes
9/19/16 Notes
9/22/16 Notes
9/26/16 Notes
10/3/16 Notes
10/6/16 Notes
System Design Review Notes
10/12/16 Notes
10/17/16 Notes
10/19/16 Notes
10/20/16 Notes
10/24/16 Notes
10/27/16 Notes
10/31/16 Notes
10/31/16 (cont) Notes
11/2/16 Notes
11/7/16 Notes
11/9/16 Notes
11/10/16 Notes
11/14/16 Notes
12/12/16 (DDR Action Items) Notes
MSD II Meeting Notes Notes

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