P17046: The Overcomer - Lower Extremity

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this Phase:

Project Status

Frame Re-Design for Square Tube

Additional drawings can be found in the Private section of the MSD folder directory.

All pictures from elctronics assembly can be found here: Electronics Shield Assembly


All current assembly instructions are shown below. Sub-Assemblies that require factory assembly (Soldering, machining, etc.) Are not shown as the customer would not assemble these.

Current Assembly Instructions (22FEB17)


An updated BOM is linked below:

Current BOM (22FEB17)

Testing Plan

The updated Testing Plan can be downloaded below. No testing has been completed due to the system not being built in time to complete testing during this phase.

Current Test Plans (22FEB17)

Imagine RIT/End of Year

The current propsal, technical report and poster design can be seen below:

Imagine RIT Proposal (22FEB17)

Current Technical Report (22FEB17)

Current Poster Design (22FEB17)

Risk and Problem Tracking

Current Risks and Problem Tracking are linked below:

Problem Tracking Chart (22FEB17)

Current Risk Management (22FEB17)

Plans for Next Phase

MSD II Phase II Plan

MSD II Phase II Plan

Closson Plan

Fenn Plan

Murphy Plan

Constant Plan

Maher Plan

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