P17047: The Overcomer - Upper Extremity

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

All documents for the Integrated System Build & Test Phase can be found here

Team Vision for Integrated System Build and Test Phase

Goals for MSD II Phase 3

  1. feasibility analysis: physical testing for failure modes of components
  2. begin physical testing feasibility with team members
  3. CAD model for attachment frame complete
  4. CAD drawings for attachment frame complete
  5. model of full assembly
  6. intended use documents written
  7. full assembly of subsystems
  8. secure testing site for user testing
  9. Imagine RIT exhibit proposal written
  10. develop Imagine RIT layout (who, what, when, where, how)
  11. assembly instructions finalized for all subsystems
  12. project plan updated
  13. risk management updated
  14. problem matrix updated
  15. EDGE updated
  16. document design changes (ongoing)
  17. assembly of subsystems
  18. finalize BOM
  19. update budget documentation

What did we accomplish?

  1. machined and 3D printed components for each subsystem
  2. updated all CAD models and drawings to reflect design changes
  3. full assembly of lever subsystem (very close to full assembly of cannon and attachment subsystems)
  4. determined Mary Cariola isn't appropriate for user testing
  5. determined failure mode testing equipment for attachment frame (hang weights)
  6. Imagine RIT exhibit proposal written and approved
  7. assembly instructions finalized for lever subsystem
  8. project plan updated with critical path called out
  9. risk management updated
  10. problem matrix updated
  11. EDGE updated
  12. document design changes (see problem matrix for updates)
  13. finalized BOM
  14. updated budget documentation

individual contributions

Prototype Subsystems Build and Assembly

Lever Striking Subsystem

Updated Lever Assembly Instructions
public/Photo Gallery/L9.jpg public/Photo Gallery/L8.jpg public/Photo Gallery/L7.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/L1.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/L2.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/L3.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/L4.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/L5.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/L6.jpg

Functional Demo Materials


Full System Bill of Materials

Budget Analysis

Expenditures Updated as of 03/29/17

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/risks891.jpg
Risk Number Description Reason for Change Impact
5 parts can't be fabricated having slight issues machining to design but using alternative methods of machiningparts +4
7 product doesn't move or is hard to move subsystem assembly proves product is not too heavy for aid to pick up and move -7
19 team goes over budget almost all parts are ordered and we have over $500 left for failure testing and finalized Imagine RIT prototype (mitigated to zero) -6
21 cannot meet with users/aids (primary stakeholder) until much later are able to meet with Mary Cariola students whenever we'd like for testing -8
23 team does not have access to needed tools and equipment utilizing Mechanical Engineering machine shop, LBJ printers, construct, Industrial Design studios, Biomedical Engineering Labs, ME lab equipment -10
26 can't be used in all environments will be able to be used indoors and outdoors that are large enough to project a ball over 20ft -32
29/30 research & testing paperwork delays meetings with potential users IRB paper work was approved (mitigated to zero) -42/-42

Risk Assessment Tracking

Problem Tracking

Problem Matrix

Plans for Next Phase

Gantt Chart

public/Photo Gallery/nGantt21.jpg

Team Goals

Individual Contributions







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