P17047: The Overcomer - Upper Extremity

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

All documents for the Subsystem Build & Test Phase can be found here

Team Vision for Subsystem Build and Test Phase

Goals for MSD II Phase 2

  1. CAD attachment finalized
  2. CAD drawing attachment created
  3. full assembled systems (CAD, photoshop, or other program)
  4. intended use scenarios written
  5. begin physical testing feasibility with team members
  6. project plan updated
  7. risk management updated
  8. problem matrix updated
  9. EDGE updated
  10. document design changes (ongoing)
  11. assembly of subsystems
  12. assembly instructions refined and documented
  13. user testing plan refined
  14. finalize BOM
  15. update budget document

What did we accomplish?

  1. project plan updated
  2. risk management updated
  3. problem matrix updated
  4. EDGE updated
  5. document design changes (ongoing)
  6. user testing plan refined
  7. finalize BOM
  8. Imagine RIT exhibit description updated
  9. update budget document

Prototypes Assembly and Build

public/Photo Gallery/tr.jpg public/Photo Gallery/yu.jpg public/Photo Gallery/yr.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/yg.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/yh.jpg

public/Photo Gallery/yj.jpg


Combined Bill of Materials

Budget Analysis

Updated Expenditures

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/risks89.jpg
Risk Number Description Reason for Change Impact
16 wrong parts ordered/shipped team kept on top of which parts to order and hasn't had to return any yet (very careful about selecting correct part numbers and kept track of shipping) -4
18 team doesn't have all required skills to complete the project design refinement was broken up based on skills to complete tasks thoroughly and on time -5
21 can't meet with users/aids until much later Mary Cariola willing to let us use testing site as soon as possible, Joe allowing us to hopefully meet with his students through permission of parents -40
23 team doesn't have access to needed tools and equipment finally resolved 3D printing facility issues, parts in machine for use to avoid purchasing them -25
29/30 research/testing paperwork delays meetings with potential users IRB paperwork accepted but only for Mary Cariola testing facilities -21
25 team doesn't have proper facility/prospective users to test the product on Mary Cariola site is too small and users are outside of target range (besides 5 or 6 children) +40

Risk Assessment Tracking

Problem Tracking

public/Photo Gallery/problems1.jpg

Problem Matrix

Plans for Next Phase

Gantt Chart

public/Photo Gallery/nGantt2.jpg

Team Goals

Individual Contributions

Individual Deliverables







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