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Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During the Integrated System Build and Test Phase, we plan to conduct a week of long-term testing with Trey and Delilah and then use the information learned from that test to refine our design and expectations for the next round of testing. We expect to have to continue to do small tweaks on all aspects of the cart and harnesses so that they can better fit cats of all sizes.

The testing plan for this phase is outlined in 17062 Test Plan document.

Test Results Summary

During the Integrated System Build & Test phase, we continued to test and improve upon our design, specifically working towards the goal of beginning long-term testing with the cats and the cart. Through extended and more frequent exposure to the cart, we aimed to further familiarize the cats with the cart and determine the effects of extended use of the cart.

Over the course of this design phase, our group managed to complete two testing periods: a short term and a long term test. The goal of the short-term test was to examine the effects of the most recent iterations to the cart design, specifically the change to the wheel orientation and the incorporation of adjustable sizing. This was done to determine the cart's feasibility for long-term testing. During this test, each cat was placed within the cart for a short period of time and observations were made on the cats' behavior and reaction to the cart.

The goal of long-term testing was to evaluate how the cats' behavior changes with more frequent interactions with the cart. The hope was that by familiarizing the cats with the cart, we could reduce erratic behavior within the cats and determine any flaws resulting from extended use. A single cart was provided and over the course of one week, each cat was given daily use of the cart for approximately thirty minute time periods. During this time, the client recorded observations and quantified how well the engineering metrics were met using a testing form.

Each engineering metric was outlined and defined using the testing rubric.

Testing (March 5th, 2017)

Delilah testing form - 3/5/17

Trey testing form - 3/5/17

Delilah March testing video

Observations and outcomes

 Short term testing evaluations

Short term testing evaluations

Long-Term Testing (March 13th - 20th, 2017)

Trey Long Term 3/13-3/20

Delilah Long Term 3/13-3/20

Trey long term testing video

Observations and outcomes

 Long term testing evaluations

Long term testing evaluations

Overall, we see a general improvement as the test progresses.

For Trey specifically, we see improvement in balance, mobility, comfort and in harness fit. Additional notes suggest moving the placement of legs to over the back supporting bracket as it greatly improved Trey's comfort and willingness to use the cart and adjusting the front harness to minimize the weight placed around the neck. Trey also demonstrated difficulty turning while in corners.

For Delilah, we experienced a decrease in metrics related to the cat's behavior with the cart. Specifically, comfort and ease of release decreased by a value of 1 and 2 respectively. Otherwise, Delilah exhibited no significant changes in testing metrics. This can largely be contributed to her personality and reluctance to cooperate. Additional notes for Delilah state that she repeatably managed to escape the harness and she has also flipped the cart on several occasions. The flipping is believed to be caused by a disparity in strength between legs and the lack of cooperation to discomfort caused by some of the supporting frames.

Improvements for next iteration

There are several key components that need improvement between now and our next test date.

Test Tracking

Risk and Problem Tracking

 Risk Management week 8

Risk Management week 8

Risk Management week 8
 Problem Tracking week 8

Problem Tracking week 8

Problem Tracking week 8

Plans for next phase

For the week 12 review, we plan to have the following completed

Individual plans

Colin Lemen Individual Plan

Matthieu Dora Individual Plan

Sarah Stoltzfus Individual Plan

Jeff Wayman Individual Plan

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