P17062: Keller's Kats Cart

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During the second phase of MSD II we plan to test the 4th revision of the top cart and the first revision of the bottom cart. During the same testing meeting, we plan on discussing our end vision with Karla to make sure that everything is viewed the same way by both parties and needs and expectations are being met. We also plan on having the front and rear harness modifications complete so that testing can go smoothly. Our stretch goal for this phase is to leave a cart with Karla to begin our long-term testing; we are unsure if this can yet be accomplished at this phase.

Team Vision.docx

Test Results

Testing metrics and methods

Testing with Trey and Delilah occurred on February 12th with the intention of determining the effectiveness of 'Top Frame' cart design for both cats. At the time of testing, we were still attempting to determine if unique specialized designs would be the best approach for meeting our customer requirements. It was determined that the 'Bottom Frame' design would be too narrow for the cat's current size and it was not used during testing.

Each subject was examined using predefined testing metrics using a testing form. Metrics were evaluated on a scale between 1 and 5, with 1 being the least ideal and 5 being most ideal. This scaling was defined through the use of the testing metrics rubric, as seen below.

 Testing Metric definition for Testing Form

Testing Metric definition for Testing Form

Results and testing notes

Overall, the test can be considered a success. There was a notable improvement to cat mobility and the balance of the cart with the 4th iteration design. Both cats were able to briefly walk unassisted in the cart and the overall balance of the cart greatly improved. This can in part be attributed to changes made within the frame and improvements to the harnessing system used. Creation of a custom harness fixtures allowed for greater control of cart balance and a reduction in undesired movement within the cart.

There were several key problems that will need to be addressed in the next iteration of the design. First, the cart's height was too large for the for both subjects, resulting in forward imbalance which made movement more difficult and caused discomfort for the cat. Cart clips on the front harness used for both cats were too low, which added to the forward imbalance observed in both cats. During testing, Delilah was able to gain enough leverage to escape both the front and rear harness entirely, leaving both still attached to the cart.

To address these problems we will be making the following improvements during the design of the 5th iteration top frame design.

Testing documents

Trey's Testing Form

Delilah's Testing Form

Testing Plan

Bill of Material

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Managment

 Risk Managment

Risk Managment

Risk Management Document

Problem Tracking

 Problem tracking.

Problem tracking.

Problem Tracking Document

Test Media

 Trey's Bottom Frame design

Trey's Bottom Frame design

Trey Test footage

 Delilah's Bottom frame design

Delilah's Bottom frame design

Delilah Test footage

Plans for next phase

Team Plan

Team Plan for Week 8 Integrated System Build & Test

Team P17062 plan for MSD2

Team P17062 Integrated System Build & Test plan

Individual Plan

Colin Lemen week 8 individual plan

Sarah Stoltzfus week 8 individual plan

Jeff Wayman week 8 individual plan

Matthieu Dora week 8 individual plan

Imagine RIT Proposal

Cat Cart: A Feline Mobility Assistive Device

Description: Some of our furry friends need a bit more help than others. This was the case for two local cats born with some degree of paralysis in their rear legs. Our senior design team was granted the task of creating a cart for each cat to improve their mobility and quality of life. The carts are a low cost and do-it-yourself initiative whose designs may be freely distributed to help disabled cats everywhere. Stop by our exhibit to see our client’s, Trey and Delilah, in action using their carts!

P17062 Imagine RIT Proposal

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