P17082: Elbow Model


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PASCO structure sets are composed of various plastic pieces, sensors, and string, and are used to model the static and dynamic biomechanical properties of single muscles. These structures allow for simple and easy modeling of various muscle structures and positions without the need for a human subject and complicated techniques such as electromyography (EMG). One of the structures commonly used is the bicep muscle model during elbow flexion. Nonetheless this structure does not allow for variations in the hand/wrist position, which in reality has a measurable effect in the muscles being studied.

The objective of this project is to create a physical model that can demonstrate the proper relationship between the position of the hand/wrist and the different muscles. This model should be able to collect anatomically relevant data for students to compare to their collected EMG data. The expected end result is a group of 12 units able to accurately collect the data being studied.

Project Name
Biomechanics Elbow Model
Project Number
Project Family
Not Applicable
Start Term
2161 (Fall 2016)
End Term
2163 (Spring 2017)
Faculty Guide
Charlie Tabb, ctabb@rochester.rr.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Bailey and BME Department, jlbbme@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Dr. Bailey, jlbbme@rit.edu

Team Members

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Group Photo

Member Role Contact
Maria F. Romero-Creel Communicator mfr2129@rit.edu
Amanda Cook Project Lead avc9971@rit.edu
Christopher Harley Engineering Lead cch9821@rit.edu
Shannon Keenan Facilitator sjk6472@rit.edu

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