P17082: Elbow Model

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the goal was to finalize the model design and gather the anatomical information to complete the test plans for the first model. We also planned to prepare for the final model scale up and to submit to ImagineRIT and design competitions.

We successfully updated our bone designs according to input by our SMEs, printed a new radius for testing, submitted to Imagine and the Biomechanics design competition, and considered solutions set muscles and angle string lengths for the arm.

Action Item Status

Item Ownership

Test Results Summary

Test Results Summary

Test Results Summary

Test Plan Excel File

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking Excel File

Functional Demo Materials

Integrated Systems Build & Prep Review Presentation

Action Items Moving Forward

Notes from Presentation

Plans for next phase

Schedule Update

Schedule Update


For the next phase, the goal is to see the build and testing of each of the 6 models. This will first be done by finishing the testing of model 1, then the printing, building, and testing of the following 5 models. The other goals will be to complete the final Imagine deliverables.

Project Schedule: Project Plan

Individual Three Week Plans

Shannon's Three Week Plan

Amanda's Three Week Plan

Chris' Three Week Plan

Maria's Three Week Plan

Schedule for Miscellaneous Deliverables

Deliverables Progress Summary

Deliverables Progress Summary

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