P17082: Elbow Model

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

There are no intellectual property considerations for this project.

Team Setup

Note: Lead tasks will be updated as the semester progresses and tasks are assigned to members.

Amanda Cook

  1. Role: Project Lead
  2. Role Description: Perform checks to make sure work is completed on time and maintain the budget
  3. Skills: Dynamic analysis
  4. Lead Task:

Christopher Harley

  1. Role: Engineering Lead
  2. Role Description: Ensure the system and subsystems function as planned
  3. Skills: Stress analysis, CAD, and gear design
  4. Lead Task:

Shannon Keenan

  1. Role: Facilitator
  2. Role Description: Manage communication between group members and facilitate group discussions
  3. Skills: Anatomy of the bicep and biomedical engineering concepts
  4. Lead Task:

Maria Romero-Creel

  1. Role: Communicator
  2. Role Description: Leads communication between the group and the guide and customer
  3. Skills: Biomedical experiments and communication
  4. Lead Task:

Team Values and Norms


The team values and norms developed are intended to ensure that all team members contribute evenly, are respectful of one another, and are fully engaged in the outcome of the project.


Below is a list of the values and norms developed during group meetings:

Group Behavior and Ethics:



Project Plans & Schedules

Project Plan Weeks 4-7

Project Plan Weeks 4-7

The project plan can be found in this document ProjectPlan.xls

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

The Running risk assessment can be found in this document _Risk Assessment P17082

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

The customer interview notes can be found in this document Customer Interview Notes.docx

Date Customer Email
August 25, 2016 Dr. Bailey jlbbme@rit.edu

Peer Reviews

The peer review will occur following the Problem Definition review. In accordance with the senior design guide, the peer reviews will be due no later than Sunday (September 11, 2016).


Project Reviews

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