P17101: RIT-SPEX Gas Resistojet

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

The P17101 team will design and test an electrothermal propulsion system to meet the requirements of a hypothetical satellite mission designed by RIT Space Exploration (SPEX). SPEXsat, a geostationary communications satellite, requires a thruster to perform orbital station-keeping over a 10 year mission lifespan.

Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Use Cases

Satellites in Earth Orbit for long-duration missions in excess of 5-25 years encounter perturbations to their trajectories over time from residual atmospheric & orbital particles or variations in Earth's gravity. These spacecraft perform short maneuvers periodically to compensate for drift and orbital decay called "station keeping" maneuvers.


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)


Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)




House of Quality


Risk Management


Design Review Materials

Plans for Next Phase


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