Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase, the analyzing of launch results, as well as final documentation, was completed. The goals for this phase was to analyze the results of the launch, create user guides for the equipment utilized throughout MSD, as well as create other final documents required by the class and for future use by other MSD teams. [Post-Launch -> Gate Review]



Final Documents

All final documents associated for DAQCS can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Self Assessments

Performance vs Requirements

Team self assessment of the project performance/results against our engineering requirements: Performance vs Requirements

Norms and Values

Team self assessment against norms and values: Norms and Values

Final Project Documentation

Final Poster

Final ImagineRIT Poster

Final ImagineRIT Poster

Final Technical Paper

The technical paper, written in conjunction with Team P17104, COMMs, may be seen by clicking here. It was submitted to MSD on Thursday, May 11th, for review.

Final Motor User Guide

The final motor user guide may be seen by clicking here. This user guide outlines the use of the ESCON program, as well as some information on how to control the motor using an Arduino and the ESCON motor software, which was used for initial testing. Information for the MSP430 control of the motor may be found in the sections below. For other information on the Maxon motor controller, visit the Maxon site for the motor controller by clicking here and the site for the motor by clicking here.

PiHAT Sensor Node Guide

The following documents detail the PiHAT sensor node design and the setup procedures for configuring the Raspberry Pi Zero board.

MSP430 Host Board Guide


All finalized documents can be found here.


Our team's lightning talk was combined with the COMMs team and can be found on their page here.

Ideas for Future Similar Projects/Launch Post-Mortem

The document that contains ideas for possible future projects and the post-mortem discussion for the launch may be seen here.

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