P17201: TigerBot VII: The Force Awakens


Project Summary Project Information

Tiger Bot is a humanoid robot project with the long term goal of creating a bipedal robot system capable of giving a tour of the RIT campus. Many previous versions exist, the latest of which is the lower half of the bipedal system. The goal of phase VII of the project is to assess the feasibility of continuing with the current lower body design. If the design is considered adequate, key system improvements will be identified and made. An upper body will be designed and integrated into the system. If the current design is found to be inadequate, key designs and components will be salvaged and an enhanced lower body will be designed and constructed. The primary metrics for success will be: the ability to balance and walk, a modular system robust to future improvements and the implementation of a computer/electrical system capable of providing the necessary inputs and outputs to implement contemporary bipedal control algorithms.

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Primary Sponsor: Teknic, Inc.

Project Name
TigerBot Humanoid Robot
Project Number
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End Term
Faculty Guide
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Primary Customer
RIT, Dr. Ferat Sahin, Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo

Team Members

TigerBot VII Team

TigerBot VII Team

Member Role Contact
Bryan Harper Electrical Engineering Manager brh8447@rit.edu
August Mintz Mechanical Engineering Manager adm5999@rit.edu
Dan Watson Power Electronics Engineer, Master of Coin dpw7949@rit.edu
John Grischuk Structural Design Engineer jdg6544@rit.edu
Collin Mason Electromechanical Integration Engineer cxm4005@rit.edu
Felisa Sze Electrical/Software Design Engineering fts1600@rit.edu

Table of Contents


Planning & Execution

Project Photos and Videos

Imagine RIT

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation