P17211: ShingleBot

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ShingleBot: The Future of Robotic Construction

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Roofing material removal is presently performed in a labor intensive manner using standard hand tools (roofing shovels, claw hammers, etc.). This presents significant safety and liability concerns and costs. Ideally, ShingleBot would include an effective removal mechanism, an integrated vehicle (rover) to transport and apply the mechanism, the electronics and controls to power the vehicle and mechanism, a vision system used to navigate the vehicle, and an appropriate user interface.

The ShingleBot MSD team was tasked with finalizing the design,completing construction, and testing the functionality of Mark Underhill’s robotic shingle removal system. The project will bring together three Mechanical Engineering and three Electrical Engineering students to work in a large group atmosphere alongside the customer to deliver a specific system with the agreed upon deliverables.

The contingent deliverables are as follows: test, analysis, and optimization of the machine’s shingle removal mechanism function and the rover, electrical design of the machine’s power and computing electronics, and integration of the controls system.

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Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Mark Underhill
Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Underhill

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

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Desired State:

End State:

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