P17214: Smart Mountain Bike Suspension

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision

During this phase, we proceeded to troubleshoot problems that arose with the system. The two most notable dilemmas faced in this phase were problems with the microcontroller and the servos. The microcontroller was having difficulty interfacing with all the electronics, so we changed the type of microcontroller, along with the code in order for proper implementation. The servos also had problems working with the power board, so we researched and purchased new servos for the system. The mechanical team finished the all the designs and machined or 3D printed all of the housing for the devices.

Test Results Summary

The team has run in to many problems during this phase which has resulted in a delay in testing. For example the pulley system that was originally designed was not strong enough and the belts would slip. This required us to redesign our system. On the electrical side, there were a few hiccups which prevented us from finishing all of the testing. This was because some of the system peripherals(Lidar, accelerometer, display, ect) stopped working. We were then unable to complete some of the tests because we had to get the system working again first.

Test Plan Overview

Test Plan Overview

A link to the live document containing the completed test plans here

Risk and Problem Tracking

The newest and major problem we are having is the changing of microcontroller from an Arduino to a teensy. This change involved making a new surface mount power board and housing to mount the device to the bike. This implementation was a success and the electronics connect together fairly well. The second problem was that the servos kept getting fried, so they had to be replaced with a new, better rated, type of servo. This implementation was also a success.

Problem Tracking Chart

Problem Tracking Chart

A link to the live document containing the Problem Tracking Chart here

Plans for next phase

MSD2 Phase 4 Schedule

MSD2 Phase 4 Schedule

Above is the Updated Semester Schedule as of 10/4/2017. The Gantt-Chart is broken up into three different sections. Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer engineering tasks. This is how we keep our individual tasks straight.

Each member of the team has mapped out their goals and tasks for the next three week phase of the MSD 2 project. Individual plans are listed below

Andrew Lints Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1) Due to the fact that all of the I2C components were fried in short succession, we haven't been able to get the bike in a ridable condition yet. Largely, my plan for this phase is to finish the construction of the wiring on the bike, assemble the full system onto the bike, and start test-riding it once the software is fully written.

2) On the software side, we are definitely behind the full customer requirements, and will also miss a few things mechanically, but a minimum viable product is currently a fully working autonomous mode, though it may have a slightly slower sample rate than originally planned.

3) Time permitting, it would be great to change some of the layout of the coming prototype board and enclosure to be a little more streamlined into the fit of the bike. This will necessitate changing microcontroller, and power board mounting.

4) I will also be dedicating my time to ensuring that the poster, paper, and final presentation materials are in order for our final presentation and poster talks.

5) I will communicate with our customer to ensure that he is available for the demo and handoff.

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1) Finishing getting everything on the bike will be a sprint given the time remaining. it shouldn't take too much effort to get everything working together, but it will be better to get everything working ASAP before any snow comes and prevents us from testing.

2) Things are going to fry at bad times, and you need to be ready for it to be expensive.

3) certain custodians and administrators don't like bikes being ridden inside...

Devin Cooley Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1) Finish Designing the and Printing the Micro controller Housing. Now that we have the wiring harness done I can finish the final tweaks on the first control housing. This should take only about a week.

2) Finish Writing the mechanical Section of the final paper and help Kristi with the Poster. This should also only take about a week.

3) Once the housing is printed we can start to do some riding and get some data from the bike. Until the battery is mounted and the control housing is installed on the bike we cannot do any real testing. To complete the battery and the micro-controller housings it is expected to take about 2 weeks.

4) I along with Lorenzo plan to write an assembly manual for the system so that a team can pick this project up and know how everything goes together. This should take no longer than a week.

5) As we approach the end of the MSD2 we have a few other house keeping things that need to be attend to. Since the mechanical design will inevitably be done before the other teams designs I plan to start to clean up and help the other teams meet their goals the best that I can.

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1) We finished all mechanical designs except for the micro controller housing and they are all ready to be printed or have already printed. I also made some modifications to the rear servo mount to make it more rugged and hold the servo body more tightly.

2) I learned that it pays to have good communication in a team especially when you are approaching a hard deadline. Because our team was able to communicate successfully we were successfully able to get all the systems integrated and working in a relatively short period of time

3) I plan to do my part the best that I can so that the team can have a working demo that has been tested to some extent by week 15. I also plan to do my best as communicating so that this happens.

Nemanja Drobnjak Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1) Continue running tests on integration. Should take up to the end.

2) Start writing the electrical Section of the final paper and write the electrical section for the poster. Should take a few hours

3) Look into ways to improve the system for future teams/ write future recommendations. Should take about a week

4) Catch-up on updating edge.

5) Help Zach optimize the wire harness to make it smaller

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1) I learned how important investing in motors are, as the difference between a good motor and one that will burn out quickly is only 10 dollars.

2) I learned the effectiveness of communicating with the team to ensure the project still moves forward regardless of outside matters.

3) I learned how small optimizations in the design can remove weight and eliminate need for parts.

Kristina Shillieto Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1) Finish up and clean up the wire harnesses.

2) Work on the poster, design and content.

3) Finish up the BOM and reimbursement forms for the Simone Center.

4) Wrap up Edge and make it ready for the gate presentation.

5) Assist with writing and editing the technical paper.

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1) I learned about 90 sec pitches for products from the AE class.

2) I learned the importance of purchasing stuff early so that we don't lose time waiting for parts.

3) I learned that even with the best of planning, things break and it turns into a rush to get everything fixed before the deadline.

Zachary Law Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1) Create Wire harness that is of proper length.

2) Work on the final paper.

3) Assist Andrew in testing the bike.

4) Make sure edge is ready for presentation.

5) Help out with the poster.

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1) I learned that integration testing will reveal a host of issues

2) I learned the importance of designing board functionality around input and outputs first. Not just designing something that will be functional on a test bench.

3) I learned that getting everyone on the same page is hard work.

Lorenzo Nunez Individual 3 Week Plan

Plans For Next Phase
1)Finish Lidar mount

2)Finish screen mount

3)Laser cut controller cap

4)Finish final paper

What I learned From Last Phase and What I did
1)The first draft was cone

2)The First draft editing meeting with Devin

3)Protective screen cut outs

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