P17221: FSAE Composite Tube Fabrication

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff


What Happened:

Performance vs. Requirements

Performance vs requirements

Performance vs requirements

Risk and Problem Tracking

On May 3, we attempted to wind a four ply tube. Here are the notes from that test.

The high level takeaways from the test are as follows:

The resin no longer spills onto any vital components.

The payout eye has been moved closer and enables winding of much larger parts.

The wipers return most of the excess resin to the bath, driving the required refilling frequency down.

The crossfeed encounters belt slipping beyond 2/3 of the way down the slide.


On May 13th, another test was run with increased motor current, increased belt tension and smoother spool rotation. Slipping occurred. Below is a link to a playlist containing multiple video angles of the tests.


Final Project Documentation

The user manual can be found here .

The final technical paper can be found here .

Wrap-up Status

Notes: Ghonheim Handoff

Notes: FSAE Handoff

Ideas for a follow on Project

Covered in detail in the attached document.

Follow On Ideas PDF

Post Mortem

Post Mortem PDF

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