P17221: FSAE Composite Tube Fabrication


Table of Contents

Design Inputs

Associated Risks

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Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Design Decisions

Spindle Rotation Precision

Performed calculations to determine what angular precision is needed for the spindle to maintain the wrap angle precision. Final result was that a drive ratio of at least 2:1 was needed between the motor and the and the spindle to maintain the wrap angle precision (with a factor of safety of 2).

HTD timing belt pulleys were selected for the final drive. These pulleys use a rounded tooth profile instead of the traditional square

Spindle Precision logbook calcs

Motor Torque

Performed calculations to determine the required motor torque (multiplied by a factor of safety of 2). Took into account the largest part size the machine can physically fit (8" x 40" long mold)

Motor Torque logbook calcs

Motor Chart

Mandrel Holding

On the head stock side of the spindle, a design was chosen that utilizes a 1" -8 TPI threaded nose and a Morse Taper #2. These are 2 very common methods for attaching accessories (Scroll chucks, drill chucks, face plates, dead centers) to smaller lathes. Doing this allowed for a 3 Jaw chuck to be designed in (as selected in the systems level review) while still allowing flexibility for the team in the future when designing new mandrels for the machine.
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On the tail stock side, a basic live center was chosen

public/Live Center.jpg

3D Model





Bill of Materials

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Plans for Next Phase