P17221: FSAE Composite Tube Fabrication

MSD I Postmortem

After reflecting on the events of MSD I, our team evaluated what could be improved upon to ensure that MSD II proceeds as smooth as possible. Below are some reflections.

Observation: Many projecting planning tools were completed just for the sake of completion. They were not utilized to manage time and resources.

Effect on MSD I: There was a loose structure for planning time, however, this structure was based on immediate needs. Because of this, some long term goals went unaddressed for substantial periods of time.

Resolution for MSD II: Use the tools, specifically the Gantt chart, to ensure that the project is completing tasks and meeting goals. Meet weekly specifically to address updates to the chart and to plan the next week.

Observation: At several points there was a lack of communication as well as an "ostrich effect" in weeks leading up to reviews.

Effect on MSD I: The group tended to scramble to meet deadlines, struggling in part because of a lack of understanding as to who had completed what and who was expected to do what.

Resolution for MSD II: Take a serious approach to the weekly touch-point meetings in order to efficiently bring everyone up to speed on progress projects and issues. This is an important mechanism for ensuring that we can follow our project plan, and reduces the chances of poorly communicated information.