P17221: FSAE Composite Tube Fabrication

Preliminary Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Preliminary Detailed Design Review Agenda

  1. Fixes from Systems Design Review and Outstanding Issues
  2. Sub-Systems Design Reviews
  3. Full System level Review
  4. Plans for next phase

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

Summarize: The team vision for this phase was to bring the 3-D model to 75% completion and to have more concrete solutions for problems found in the systems design review. This included determining and then prioritizing high risk items, such as decisions that influenced multiple subsystems.

Outstanding issues

Storage and Removal of Materials

Met with Jan Maneti, Operations Manager for ME dept., on 11/2/16 regarding the storage and disposal of additional composite materials in the proposed quantities (few 10 lb rolls of fiber and a few gallons of resin) by the team will have a minimal impact on the current running costs already associated with the formula team's composite program.

It was also confirmed in this meeting that the electrical capacity of the circuits in the Formula Team's composite lab is 110v 20A service.

PRP>Customer Requirements>Engineering Requirements flow

The PRP has been amended and reviewed with the customer as shown in the document below. This aided in removing mis-information provided in the PRP and ensuring. Customer Requirements and Engineering requirements have been updated per the document below.

Revised Customer Requirements

Revised Customer Requirements

Revised Customer Requirements

Revised Engineering Requirements

Revised Engineering Requirements

Revised Engineering Requirements

Revised Systems Architecture

Revised System Architecture

Revised System Architecture

Subsystems Design

Tensioning and Fiber Delivery

Cross Feed




Full Assembly (Current State)

Full System CAD Overview

Full System CAD Overview

Bill of Material (BOM)

Output and Destination

Completed BoM and Budget

Test Plans


The test plan below is a full system test plan that attempts to help better understand the behavior of the machine and the effect of resin content on tube strength.
Resin Content Test Plan

Resin Content Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment Table

Updated Risk Assessment Table

The sum of the importances for this phase is 121, where the sum for the previous phase was 151. Although this is not a large change, many risks were added after consulting SMEs and beginning more in-depth analysis of the individual subsystems.

Plans for next phase

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

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