P17221: FSAE Composite Tube Fabrication

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase



Major Action Items

Electrical Subsystem

For the electrical subsystem, we planned to have the majority of our preliminary test plans completed. Becuase of our failed testing with the MA860H driver (see MA860H driver issues), we were not able to make as much progress on this front as we would have liked. The MA860H is the driver for the NEMA 34. The driver for the smaller motor is still in transit, so we have not been able to test the NEMA 14 motor. We have no concerns about wiring the small motor, because this system is very similar to the already functioning larger motor. That being said, we do have some of the test plans completed for the NEMA 34. They are not fully complete because we still have to test the NEMA 14.

Since there was a period of time where we were unable to work on the subsytem directly due to not having drivers, we chose to spend our time resolving one of the major risk items that remains for our subsystem. The problem that we were trying to resolve is getting ComposicaD to output G code that is recognized as a valid input to GRBL to process on the Arduino side. Ultimately, what we had to do was set up some custom rules for the output file such that GRBL's input requirements were satisfied.

This is a major development for us. We no longer have to consider the option of writing code to preformat the ouput of ComposicaD for GRBL; which would have been unpleasant, both from the user side and the developer side.

The major unknowns with respect to ComposicaD are now how to import a mandrel and how to tune the output to match our physical system. Unlike the output/input code issue, these are features that we know for certain that ComposicaD has, which makes it less of a risk.

Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Highest Concern Risks

Highest Concern Risks

Docs Problem Risk Management spreadsheet

Google Docs Problem Tracking spreadsheet

Functional Demo Materials

Machining Progress Pictures

Imagine RIT Update Proposal has been completely submitted for imagine RIT. Only additional item needed is a picture of the completed project. Space has been requested on the 2nd floor of Gleason with power for both the machine and a TV to show a video of it in action. Task has been added to Gannt chart to reflect creating the video.

Plans for next phase

Gannt Chart Updates:

Gannt Chart Rev06

Pre Spring Break Individual Targets

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