P17227: Walking Soft Robot

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Our team sought to further develop our individual subsystems and begin the process of combining them. Once the subsystems were tested and verified independently from one another, the process of combining them should proceed much more smoothly.

During this phase, subsystems were tested/verified, and/or altered due to new information gathered which delayed the integration of these systems.

Test Results Summary

Leg Load Testing

Full Report Document


Electrical System Testing

Electrical Test Results

Pneumatic Update

Pneumatic components have been put together and are ready for integration into the body. The push to connects that are screwed into the valves were pre-taped, therefore we did not need to Teflon tape them. The compressor that was recycled from P16227 had check valves and a barb connector on it already. These have been removed Teflon taped and replaced with the exception of the barbed connector which was replaced with a push to connect. Single valves have been tested and are able to be turned on/off using the Xbox controller.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Bill of Materials

Functional Demo Materials

See physical systems

Technical Paper

Technical Paper Draft

Plans for next phase

For the next phase, our goal is to have the subsystems integrated and at that point, be making minor adjustments to improve the robot's functionality.

Trevor's Three Week Plan

Amanda's Three Week Plan

Cam's Three Week Plan

Nicole's Three Week Plan

Avery's Three Week Plan

Naveena's Three Week Plan

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