P17227: Walking Soft Robot

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

The goals for this phase were to complete individual systems and integrate them together to have a complete robot assembled. At this time it was not expected to operate as defined by the engineering requirements, however, only from a fully assembled point could it proceed for functional testing.

Test Results Summary

Software Update

The software can use the Arduino to control all the solenoids and read the output from the pressure sensors to know when to turn on the solenoids and the compressor. It can inflate the bones on the press of the button.

Muscle molding

Updated procedure to muscle molding Muscle procedure

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Bill of Materials

Functional Demo Materials

See robot


Poster Draft

Technical Paper

Technical Paper Draft

Plan for next phase

The plan for the next phase is to have a fully functioning robot able to be showcased at ImagineRIT.

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