P17227: Walking Soft Robot

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Test Plan/Results Summary

Summarize test results and assess effectiveness of test plans to unambiguously demonstrate satisfaction of the engineering requirements

Xbox Controller Connection

The above image is a test that was conducted to test the connection between the Xbox controller and the Arduino which was used to turn on and off the solenoid shown.

These preliminary subsystem test plans were designed to assess the effectiveness of selected components in order to demonstrate the satisfaction of the engineering requirements. They will also ensure that our part integration for the system design is on track to meet the previously stated customer requirements. The implementation of these tests is pending due to waiting for some key components.

All Test Plans

Test Plan Spreadsheet

Electrical Test Plan

Pneumatic Test Plan

Bone Load Test Plan

Leg Load Test Plan

Muscle Force Test Plan

Preliminary Full System Test Plan

Sub System Build Update

Current status of efforts to manufacture subsystem components, such as the bones and muscles


Muscle trials

Procedure for muscle mold


Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Bill of Materials

Gantt Chart

We have $122.10 left of our $1200 budget. We have plans to spend another $30 for mechanical components. The rest of the budget is a buffer for other unforseen purchase needs.

Plans for next phase

Trevor's Three Week Plan

Amanda's Three Week Plan

Cam's Three Week Plan

Nicole's Three Week Plan

Avery's Three Week Plan

Naveena's Three Week Plan

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