P17227: Walking Soft Robot

Systems Design

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Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase



Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition



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Concept Development

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Concept Selection and Development

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Soft Robotic Actuator Mold

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Actuator.PNG public/Systems Level Design Documents/Actuator%20Mold.PNG

Calculations for maximum force that 1 leg can hold given the maximum pressure range.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/PressureCalc.JPG

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CAD bone prototype

The proposed experimental designs below will function as the framework for the testing or the load bearing potential of the prototype "Inflatable bones", as well as testing prototypes for additional characteristics.

Load Bearing:

This experiment will involve inflating the prototype to various pressures within the project engineering requirement limits. Load will then be added onto the prototype and increased until the bone buckles. Maximum load tested may be set to keep the experiment within reasonable loads for the project (i.e. the robot will not likely reach 100 lbs, making this an upper limit of the experiment). Finally, a rig for holding the prototype and the weights would be ideal.

The data gained from this experiment will be used to determine the ideal pressure to inflate the bones to handle the weight of the robot.

Pressure Limits:

This experiment will involve inflating the prototype until failure due to pressure, or until an upper limit is reached. A proposed pressure limit would be 100 psi, which is 25% greater than the engineering requirement limit.

The data gained from this experiment will be used to determine the maximum safe pressure that the prototype bones can be inflated to. Additionally, it may identify functional shortcomings with the prototype such as material, or the adhesive used.

public/Photo Gallery/WP_20161005_001.jpg Prototype 1: Bone/PVC Vinyl with E6000 Epoxy

Morphological Chart

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Morph%20Chart.PNG

Concept Selection

Concept Selection and Development

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Systems Architecture

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Designs and Flowcharts

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public/Systems Level Design Documents/High%20Level%20SW%20Flowchart.PNG

Risk Assessment

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Plans for next phase

Trevor's Three Week Plan

Avery's Three Week Plan

Amanda's Three Week Plan

Nicole's Three Week Plan

Cameron's Three Week Plan

Naveena's Three Week Plan

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