P17250: Solar Powered Charging Station

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Values and Norms

P17250's Team Values and Norms document, agreed to by all members, can be found here.

Project Plans & Schedules

A running list of day to day action items is maintained on google docs which all members of the team are required to check regularly

Note: Because of the continuous and collaborative nature of this list, it is impractical to maintain it on edge. The list can be seen at Action Items

Current Project Plan

Phase 1 and 2 Gantt Chart (10/2/2016)

Phase 1 and 2 Gantt Chart (10/2/2016)

Phase 3 Gantt Chart (10/2/2016)

Phase 3 Gantt Chart (10/2/2016)

Phase 4 Gantt Chart (10/26/2016)

Phase 4 Gantt Chart (10/26/2016)

Most Recent Project Plan Download

Document and Task Ownership

Document and Task Ownership

Document and Task Ownership

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Assessment (09/08/2016)

Risk Assessment (09/08/2016)

Other Team Resources

Lab and Testing Facilities

Judson Aquatics Center
Gordon Field House
The Biomimetic and Assistive Devices Lab
Institute Hall - Room 4130
Energy and Motion Laboratory
James E. Gleason Hall - Room 2395
Robotics Lab
James E. Gleason Hall - Room 2240
Senior Design Center
James E. Gleason Hall - Room 4460
ME Machine Shop
James E. Gleason Hall - Room 2360
The Construct @ RIT
Institute Hall - Room 4190

People/Training Resources

Michael Blachowicz
Dr. Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard
RIT Lab Safety Training


Inherited Equipment List Download

Procurement Plan and Cost Accounting

Procurement Plan

P17250 Procurement Plan

Official Purchasing Guidelines

Purchase Reimbursement Request Form


Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting (02/23/2017)

Cost Accounting (02/23/2017)

Current Funds (02/23/2017)

Current Funds (02/23/2017)

Issue Management System

Issues will be managed through Chris Parker and tracked by a spreadsheet.

At the End of Phase Reviews, new issues that appeared in that phase will be brought up.

File Download

Peer Reviews

The team peer review template can be found here


• Email and instant messaging through Google Hangout shall be the primary modes of communication.

• Team members shall respond to emails or messages within a day of being received.

• Team members shall provide both consistent and relevant information with response to messages on Google Hangout.

• Weekly meetings shall only be held outside of class hours if necessary. All needed members are required to attend at a timely manner.


Customer Interview 1

Meeting Notes from Customer Interview 1

Project Reviews

Phase 1 Presentation Download

Phase 2 Presentation Download

Closure Plan

A project closure plan has been created to ensure that the project is properly closed for a possible hand-off to a future team. This plan includes detailed information on the project and its processes, as well as recommendations and lessons learnt.

Closure Plan Download

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