P17280: Hot Wheelz Thermal Management System

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

MSD I Post-Mortem


High Voltage Connections


Note: Added in polycarbonate material to cover high voltage connections in order to meet ER20 (also FH rule)

Battery Box Isolation

After reviewing rules with GM Mentor, discovered that the "isolation" material was not rated correctly for use in the battery box. This was re-sourced and added to the BOM.

Potential Modifications Pending Testing


For full excel sheet, click here.


Total spent: $332.05

Total in process: $269.54

Grand Total: $601.63

Rest of ordering will take place this week!

Note: Does not include velcro or posts (will be sourced and added to BOM this week).

Assembly Process Complete

Unable to begin assembly process due to customer. See Project Plan section.

Test Plan

We have decided to utilize Google Sheets for tracking of our test plans. This allows the document to be up-to-date at all times. Click here to view our Component Test Plans.

Risk & Problem Management

Risk Management

Full document available here.


Note: No changes this phase. Expected to eliminate Risk #3, 7, and 11 in next phase.

Problem Management

Team using Google Sheets for problem management tracking.

Project Plan

MSD II Project Plan

Full view available here.


This Week's Goals

Next Week's Goals

Work Breakdown Structure

Phase I Actual


Phase II Expected


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