P17280: Hot Wheelz Thermal Management System

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Imagine Demo

Imagine RIT Poster


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Imagine RIT Booth Setup

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Final Public Presentation

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Summary of Test Results Compared to Specs


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Other Gerry Questions

Review of Final System

The MSD team designed and built a cooling system for the batteries and motor controller for the 2017 Hot Wheelz vehicle. These systems maintained appropriate operating temperatures for optimal vehicle performance during the Formula Hybrid 2017 competition. The MSD project was on time, under budget, and met all of the necessary specifications required by the customer. Additionally, data was collected at competition to further prove the effectiveness of this project as well as to aid Hot Wheelz in future thermal cooling endeavors.

Assessment by Customer


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Reviewing Most Significant Problem

Our most significant problem was that the "box" made for the controller may not have passed the rules. We tried to double check with the rules and advisors and mentors along the way, but it was difficult to validate the design until it was manufactured. When we did finally make the "box" and showed it to our mentors, they tested it for the "finger-probe" test, and it failed. We then had to modify our design to have longer covers, which meant less airflow for the batteries. We decided to add some holes in the covers that would allow for airflow, but then had to waterproof those holes. The design change added manufacturing and assembly time to the project. This could have been avoided if we had prototyped our design and showed it to advisors and mentors earlier. Unfortunately, we were focused very heavily on the batteries and overlooked this. Now we know that prototyping is a very important step in the design process and can help catch easy mistakes!

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Test Results

Summary of Data

Assembly & Operation Test Results

Pre-Event Testing

The Hot Wheelz team, along with some of the MSD team, took the vehicle to the Monticello Motor Club in late April to perform vehicle drive testing. This was a chance to see systems integration and subsystem performance on the track prior to competition. The following graphs and information are from this day of testing.
Simulated Endurance Run

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Simulated Acceleration Run


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Data from Formula Hybrid Competition

Acceleration Race


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Autocross Race



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Endurance Race


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Final Paper

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