P17280: Hot Wheelz Thermal Management System

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

Our team has agreed upon several values important to the successful completion of this project. They are as follows:

Team members are expected to respond to group messages promptly and in an engaged manner. Any potential conflict or concern that arise during the duration of the project should be brought up immediately with the entire group, especially in regard to team values. If a team member cannot attend a group meeting or class the expectation is to inform at least one team member a day ahead of the planned time.
Team members should be ready to work at the start of meetings and class unless an unexpected conflict comes up. All work and assignments will be submitted before the due date. Team members are expected to plan ahead for any anticipated abscences.
Quality of Work
Ethical integrity

Team Norms

The following rubric was agreed upon for assessing each individual team member and their overall performance and contribution to the project in regards to the above Team Values.