P17301: LORD Downhole Test Simulator

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

In this phase, we wanted to close up open action items from our Detailed Design Review from MSD I. Also, we reviewed as a team the expectations and schedule for MSD II. Some simulations and tests have begun as well.

Meeting Objective

  1. Review action items from Detailed Design Review
  2. Review progress since DDR
  3. Review problem tracking and risk management plans
  4. Review BOM and Budget
  5. Review MSD II format and plan

Updates/Action Items from DDR

Action Items from DDR

Action Items from DDR

Date Attendees Role Meeting Notes
Jan 26, 2017 Cortland Chapman, Keith Ptak LORD Test Engineer, Primary Customer Meeting Notes

Requirement Tracking Table

Link to Requirement Validation Spreadsheet: Final Documents/Requirements Validation - Final.pdf

Test Plans

Link to Test Plan Page: Test & Analysis Plans

Risk Management

Link to Risk Management Table: Risk Management

Risk Reduction Chart

Risk Reduction Chart

Problem Tracking

Bill of Materials and Budget

System BOM Overview

System BOM Overview

System Yearly Cost Overview

System Yearly Cost Overview

MSD II Project Plan

Link to Microsoft Project: Gantt Chart

Phase II Individual Plans

Link to Individual Plans PDF: Individual Plans

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