P17301: LORD Downhole Test Simulator

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Meeting Objective

  1. Performance vs. Requirements
  2. Review final MSD deliverables
  3. Review final LORD deliverables
  4. Risk/Problem Tracking
  5. Imagine RIT Schedule
  6. Plans until Graduation!
  7. Feedback for MSD
  8. Team reflections

Requirements Validation

Validation Table: Validation Matrix

MSD Deliverables

  1. Poster: Poster
  2. Technical Paper: Technical Paper

LORD Deliverables

  1. Feasibility Study - Executive Summary (Volume 1): Volume 1
  2. Feasibility Study - Technical Overview (Volume 2): Volume 2
  3. Feasibility Study - Cost Purchasing (Volume 3): Volume 3
  4. 3D Models:
    3D Models

    3D Models

Risk and Problem Tracking

Link to Risk Management Table: Risk Management
Risk Reduction Chart

Risk Reduction Chart

Problem Tracking Table: Problem Tracking

Imagine RIT Schedule

  1. 7:30am: Pick up breakfast from Wegmans
  2. 8:00am: Pick up Easel and Exhibit Sign at KGCOE Student Services
  3. 8:00am-8:45am: Set up Exhibit
  4. 8:45am-10:00am: Breakfast and Customer Hand-off with LORD - Senior Design Floor(Arriving @ 9am)
  5. 10:00am-5:00pm: Present at Exhibit (Team schedule)

Plans until Graduation!

  1. Lightening Pitch Due: 5/9
  2. Lightening Pitch: 5/11 (We have the 9:30 to 11 timeslot)
  3. Copyright Forms Due: 5/11
  4. Tech Paper Due: 5/11

Complete Gantt Chart: Gantt Chart

Feedback for MSD

  1. MSD II structure was better than MSD I
  2. In general, MSD structure needs to be more flexible for different type of project types.
  3. GanttPro should be used for project tracking

Team Reflections

  1. GroupMe was an efficient way to manage team communication
  2. Weekly Tuesday meetings were quick and an effective way to hear team updates
  3. Teammates were always willing to pick up work when needed
  4. Learned that being concise with team members and customers is important
  5. Overall, our team worked really well together throughout the year!

Individual Contribution: Ind. Contribution

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