P17301: LORD Downhole Test Simulator

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Meeting Objective

  1. Review Seals
  2. Review Axial/Lateral Simulation Results
  3. Review Axial/Lateral Prototype Progress
  4. Review Torsional Test
  5. Review BOM and Budget
  6. Review Project Schedule
  7. Discuss RIT Visit and Imagine RIT Materials

Updates/Action Items from Last Review

Quote Date Cost Summary Drawings
Seals Feb 13, 2017 Rotary Only: $972.92

Reciprocating Only: $1323.04

Total: $2295.96

AHPS Quote

Seal Excel Sheet

Rotary Seal

Reciprocating Wiper Seal

Reciprocating Rod Seal

Reciprocating Buffer Seal

Reciprocating Wear Ring

AHPS In-House Testing Feb 21, 2017 $5000 A Week Rotary Test Rig

Shaft: 54mm (2.13 in)

Pressure: 5000 psi

Temperature: 200 C (392 F)

Wear Ring Datasheet Feb 21, 2017 N/A More Info Datasheet Wear Ring
Pressure Vessel Feb 21, 2017 $990,000 + Accessories Pressure Vessel Quote Pressure Vessel Rough Schematic
Date Attendees Role Meeting Notes
Feb 2, 2017 Cortland Chapman, Keith Ptak LORD Test Engineer, Primary Customer Meeting Notes
Feb 16, 2017 Keith Ptak, Zach Fuhrer Primary Customer, Engineering Manager Meeting Notes

Axial/Lateral Simulation Results

Test & Analysis Results

Axial/Lateral Prototype

Transfer Linkages

Transfer Linkages

Wiring and DAQ system

Wiring and DAQ system

public/Build and Test Prep/Data1.pngpublic/Build and Test Prep/Data2.png

Torsional Test Update

Previous Prototype

Previous Prototype

Revised Prototype

Revised Prototype

Operation Range of Vibration

Operation Range of Vibration

Stress Analysis of Unit Under Test

Stress Analysis of Unit Under Test

BOM/Budget Update

System BOM Overview

System BOM Overview

Risk and Problem Tracking

Link to Risk Management Table: Risk Management
Risk Reduction Chart

Risk Reduction Chart

Plans for next phase

Plans for Phase 3

  1. Torsional Test Build
  2. Axial/Lateral Test Complete
  3. Mud Flow Simulation Complete
  4. Pressure Vessel Simulation Complete

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