P17310: RIT Observatory Telescope Dome Controls

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, we planned to close out any outstanding issues related to design left over from MSD I. We began ordering parts for the control system, began to determine additional items we will require, and worked on the issue of power to the latch mechanism.

MSD I Wrap-Up

Telescope Communication

public/Build and Test Prep/TrackingLog.JPG

The above image shows a log file that Maxim DL generates while in use. Inspecting the columns further, we realize the values generated are a reference to where the star is located on the CCD chip. This information is not currently useful to use because we cannot back generate out where it is pointing still but may be useful down the line if we require this information.

Latch Automation

Latch Torque Arm Hook Design Update

public/Build and Test Prep/Hook Redesign.PNG

Redesigned Latch Torque Arm Hook - Reduces Risk of Loss of Chain Engagement

Motor Mount Design Overview

public/Build and Test Prep/Motor Mount Design - Solid.PNG public/Build and Test Prep/Motor Mount Design - Frame.PNG

Component Sourcing

public/Detailed Design Documents/Torque Motor 2 - Gear.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/Gearbox for Gear Motor.PNG

public/Build and Test Prep/Mini Motor 16mm.PNG public/Build and Test Prep/Mini Motor 500 RPM.PNG

public/Detailed Design Documents/FlexForce Sensor.PNG

Cost Analysis

The following contains a list of approximate costs related to the finalized latch torque arm mechanical design shown previously:

Note: All costs exclude any additions due to shipping and handling.

Power Supply Concept

public/Build and Test Prep/Design Flowchart.png

public/Build and Test Prep/Latch_System.PNG

Dome Schemtatics

Test Plan Summary

Click here to view details on all existing test plans.

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Build and Test Prep/Risk Management.PNG

Risk Management Document: Risk

Plans for next phase

public/Build and Test Prep/Phase1Gantt.JPG

Gantt Chart

Ahmed Alhurubi's Three Week Plan: Ahmed's Goals

Joe Brescia's Three Week Plan: Joe's Goals

Raymond Castro's Three Week Plan: Ray's Goals

Wilson Quizhpi's Three Week Plan: Wilson's Goals

Sarah Williams's Three Week Plan: Sarah's Goals

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