P17310: RIT Observatory Telescope Dome Controls

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Test Results Summary

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Subsystem Fabrication

Latch Torque Arm Fabrication Status

public/Integrated System Build and Test/IMG_20170313_140131131.jpg

Gearbox component disassembly

public/Integrated System Build and Test/IMG_20170313_140155319.jpg

Main motor and gearbox before assembly

public/Integrated System Build and Test/IMG_20170313_164228348.jpg

Example of motor and gearbox integration

public/Integrated System Build and Test/IMG_20170320_212218070.jpg

Current status of latch torque arm metal machining; metal machining and assembly will be completed by the end of the week.

public/Integrated System Build and Test/IMG_20170320_212119670_HDR.jpg

Example appearance of final metal assembly; components will be welded into the orientation shown.

Subsystem Testing

Subsystem: Electrical

Pressure Sensor

public/Integrated System Build and Test/Sensor_Test.jpg

The goal was to test components if they were in working conditions.

Using an Arduino UNO, resistance of 1 M-ohms, wires, SEN-08685 ROHS Flexiforce Pressure Sensor and the code that has been listed below. Each Arduino and each Pressure sensor was tested and the result of the testing is that Arduino Uno's and pressure sensors that were ordered are in working condition.

// int flexiForcePin = A0; //analog pin 0

void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop(){ int flexiForceReading = analogRead(flexiForcePin);

Serial.println(flexiForceReading); delay(250); //just here to slow down the output for easier reading }


Initial Bluetooth Test

public/Integrated System Build and Test/Initial_Test.jpg

Initial Bluetooth

Bluetooth Module Test

public/Integrated System Build and Test/Modules.jpg

Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth HC-05 Module LED Test

public/Integrated System Build and Test/LED_TEST.jpg

Bluetooth Modules

Lab View Code

The control system was controlled with manual inputs of position for the dome within 2 degrees of the desired position. Parking of the dome was successfully tested as well as shut down of the system.

During preliminary testing, relays begin to seize up if the desired position was exactly zero degrees but had no issues moving through the zero point. Resetting of the relays required a simple removal and reinsertion of the relay but an observing run will be required to ensure this will not be an issue for the final iteration.

Lab View Code: Dome Control Code

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management Document: Risks

Plans for next phase

public/Integrated System Build and Test/phase 4 gantt.JPG

Gantt Chart

Ahmed Alhurubi's Three Week Plan: Ahmed's Goals

Joe Brescia's Three Week Plan: Joe's Goals

Raymond Castro's Three Week Plan: Ray's Goals

Wilson Quizhpi's Three Week Plan: Wilson's Goals

Sarah Williams's Three Week Plan: Sarah's Goals

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