P17310: RIT Observatory Telescope Dome Controls

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


Test Results Summary

During testing of the system, an issue was discovered with the integration circuit relays. The relays which we ordered turned out to be AC Load relays. The circuit we designed utilizes DC Loads which are not compatible with the relays we have. DC Load solid state relays were found and are soon to be acquired. Preliminary testing can still be done using the PCB mount SPST relays from prototyping.

The DAQ we acquired reads the encoder as expected. Coding still needs to be done to process the data as it is acquired.

We discovered that the DAQ has a 3.3V DI/O high voltage instead of an expected 5V due to a misinterpretation of the documentation. The Solid State relays handle the 3.3V load well and appear to flip properly although the PCB mount relays from prototyping do not handle this load well. For initial testing until the replacement relays arrive, a slightly different circuit will be used from the final design.

Inputs & Source

Click here to view details on all existing test plans.

Outputs & Destination

Additional Test Results:

Latch Hinge Environmental Testing

public/Subsystem Build and Test/Environmental Test - Before.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/1 - Stainless Steel - Before.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/2 - Galvanized Steel - Before.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/3 - Brass Finish - Before.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/4 - Zinc Plated - Before.jpg


public/Subsystem Build and Test/IMG_20170221_185038.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/IMG_20170221_185046.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/IMG_20170221_185059.jpg public/Subsystem Build and Test/IMG_20170221_185111.jpg

The above images represent the control box build progress.

The following links contain initial revisions of the Latch Torque Arm engineering drawings to be used for fabrication when necessary. Updates will be made when time permits and/or the necessity arises.

Latch Torque Arm Assembly

Latch Torque Arm Hook

Latch Torque Arm

Latch Control Box

Latch Mechanism Power Distribution

public/Subsystem Build and Test/Power_Dome.PNG

Latch Mechanism and Shutter Controls

public/Subsystem Build and Test/Latch_Shutter Automatic.PNG

Dome Schemtatics

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management Document: Risks

Plans for Next Phase

public/Subsystem Build and Test/phase 2 gantt.JPG

Gantt Chart

Ahmed Alhurubi's Three Week Plan: Ahmed's Goals

Joe Brescia's Three Week Plan: Joe's Goals

Raymond Castro's Three Week Plan: Ray's Goals

Wilson Quizhpi's Three Week Plan: Wilson's Goals

Sarah Williams's Three Week Plan: Sarah's Goals

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