P17311: Radio-IP Hotspot Transceiver

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

In this phase, our primary goal was to get the board ordered and then assemble it. We were able to get it done, and as of today, we have the board assembled. Another goal was to get configuration files to work with the available code for the DRA818 configuration. We have been able to achieve both these things.

Test Results Summary

There was limited hardware testing in this phase, as a lot of time went into waiting for the boards to arrive. Due to the PCB having a wrong footprint, we needed to improvise. A linear regulator (LM317) is now being used to power the Radio. USB and power subsystems have been tested and work as expected. Software testing was successful and config files work well with the code. Any changes made to the configuration file will affect the DRA818.

Other Progress

As of 5pm today:

Risk and Problem Tracking



Plans for next phase


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