P17311: Radio-IP Hotspot Transceiver

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

At the end of the Problem definition phase, we had planned to achieve the following targets by the end of the systems design phase:

In addition to the tasks specified above, we aimed to identify different concepts for the product, and select the best possible one. We also planned to identify in more depth the risks with the project and ways to minimize these risks from the beginning. We also drew up an estimate of the cost required for prototyping the product so that we stay under the $500 budget for the entire project.

Functional Decomposition



In addition to previously created benchmarks, our projected product was benchmarked against other designs that fill the same niche. In almost all categories, our product comes out on top. The results of this are shown below:

public/Systems%20Level%20Design%20Documents/benchmarking.png https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P17311/public/Problem%20Definition%20Documents/benchmarking.png

Morphological Chart


Concept Selection


Design Selection Criteria

  1. Design needs to meet Customer Requirement
  2. Budget has to be $500
  3. Must complete the design by end of Senior Design II

Designs and Flowcharts



data sheet




Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Risk Management

Live Document

No new risks were discovered in this phase.

Plans for next phase

By the end of the next phase, we aim to achieve the following targets:

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