P17316: Light Rail

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

  1. Mechanical: The manufacturing of parts will be finished and the Light Rail will be assembled at least once. The documentation package and testing procedures will be started.
  2. Electrical: The LED circuits will be assembled in the cable manager. The electrical portions of the documentation package will be started as well. Electrical tests will be started.
  3. Software: The LED control program will be completed and tested. The GUI program will be in progress.

The team accomplished many of these goals and completed the ARM Competition submission. Due to material acquisition delays, we were unable to fully assemble and test the Light Rail. We are prepared to assemble after we receive and machine the rail material. The full length of LED circuits has been connected with shift registers.

Test Results Summary

Mechanical Tests

The dimensions of the brackets that have been machined to date were confirmed accurate. Two instances of interference between brackets and the retainer pins were corrected by re-machining holes.

Electrical Tests

30 LED circuits were connected in parallel. Each LED was tested for functionality by connecting a low frequency signal to the base of the BJT. All LED circuits were functional.

Software Tests

The program responds to a button press input by stopping the light sequence and recording the time that the program was stopped.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management Documentation

public/Photo Gallery/RiskManagement4.JPG

Problem Tracking

public/Photo Gallery/ProblemTracking2.JPG750 px

The full problem tracking document is located in our directory.

Functional Demo Materials

Mechanical Build Progress

Below are photos of the completed brackets adjacent to the CAD models for the brackets.

public/Photo Gallery/MidspanBracket.jpgpublic/Photo Gallery/MidspanBracketModel.PNG

The two midspan brackets will connect the 5ft rail material at the center of the Light Rail to the two end 5ft spans.

public/Photo Gallery/EndspanBracket.jpgpublic/Photo Gallery/EndspanBracketModel.PNG

The two endspan brackets will secure the ends of the rail material to the McMaster Carr hinge.

public/Photo Gallery/EndspanBracketFlat.jpgpublic/Photo Gallery/EndspanBracketFlatModel.PNG

The endspan flat brackets will attach to the light stand on one side and the hinge on the other.

Electrical Build Progress

Below are photos of the completed LED circuits and the corresponding CAD models.

public/Photo Gallery/Protoboardsample.jpgpublic/Photo Gallery/Prototype Board Model.PNG

Detailed view of the prototype board dimensions.

public/Photo Gallery/Prototype Board Dimensions Top View.png

Below is a 5" representative section showing the prototype board assembled in the cable manager. A section with the top half of the cable manager removed is shown below. This shows how the LED circuit is assembled in the cable manager.

public/Photo Gallery/Cable Manager Section.PNGpublic/Photo Gallery/Section Top Removed Cable Manager.PNG

Software Development Progress

The software is now capable of specifying an LED speed and stopping after interruption by the button push. The time of the button press is recorded in the program and the LED corresponding to the stop time remains lit.

See the following link to the video of the software button test.

Button Test Video

Plans for next phase

As a team, we would like to have the project completed and tested at our customer demo. Hopefully, we will only have documentation to finish up by our next review. The paper and the poster will also be part of the workload for the next portion of the semester.

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