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After a three month intermission for summer break, the team has regrouped to begin the official build phase of Senior Design. In order to prepare for this, the first two weeks have been dedicated to confirming the finalized BOM and refreshing memories on the build and test plan. The review during week two is scheduled to verify the team is still on track with the project plan and identify any potential risks or roadblocks at this time.

Additionally over the summer, the Electrical Engineers in the group devoted some time to creating a baseline code for the PLC that the team can build off of in future testing. The user interface is in the initial design phase at this time as well.

User Interface Preview

User Interface Preview

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase



Bill of Material (BOM)

During the first two weeks, some final adjustments were made to the BOM once the dimensions of the structure were decided. The anticipated budget has increased since MSD I. All adjustments can be seen in the individual BOMs located below:

These documents include each part, quantity, the cost and where it is purchased/manufactured. At the end of each row, the team will continue to update the purchase status of the part. This document will be updated continually throughout this phase. Once approval is given, all parts will be purchased so that the build can commence.

Additionally, the team has used these bills of materials to gauge the total cost of the project, which is outlined here.

Updated September 7th, 2017

Updated September 7th, 2017

Test Plan Summary

Some initial testing took place at the end of last term. These tests were mainly for feasibility of pump and some rough estimates of flow rate. They are all documented in the Detailed Design page of the team's Edge. All remaining testing that will take place this term will be documented in the Test Plan Document.

Risk and Problem Tracking

As stated in the end of MSD I, no new risks had been identified. The risks that have been encountered and high risk items we anticipate encountering in the future are outlined below. The full breakdown of risks can be found in the Risk Analysis Document.

Time Constraint -

The second term of Multidisciplinary Senior Design has been shortened by one week. This gives the team a larger time constraint than anticipated. The Project Plan had been designed with 4 weeks of slack meaning this only takes 25% of our slack away. To make up for this, the team will put in a weeks worth of work in during the Summer intersession.

Testing Constraint -

The team will begin testing May 11th, 2017. As of right now, all of the materials required are accessible. The team anticipates that there may be some difficulty with resources when testing the final structure in the Brinkman Lab. This will be addressed as soon as the prototype is moved to its new location.

Budget -

This is being addressed currently. The budget has been accepted as too little for the work that needs to be complete. The current status is that the budget will be increased and the team anticipates a final limit at the end of this phase.

Incorrect Components -

This could be encountered now that the team is purchasing parts. To mitigate/minimize this, all parts are being carefully picked and double checked before the purchase.

Calculation Errors -

Through testing all calculations will be checked to determine whether they were executed properly. The status of these will be updated as they are tested.

Engineering Standards -

These have been addressed using the proper information and documentation to identify standards. The teams standards document can be accessed here.

Design Review Materials

Include links to:

Plans for next phase

The following chart represents the projected project plan for the second term of Multidisciplinary Senior Design as well as the tasks accomplished since the start of term one. The pdf version of the document can be accessed here. The team believes there is plenty of time built in for unforeseen error or troubleshooting.

Updated September 5th, 2017

Updated September 5th, 2017

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