P17325: Automated Keg Washer

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

This is the last phase of the Senior Design project for the Automated Keg Washer. The goal of this phase is to complete all project closure activities. This means the team needs to submit all final deliverables, conduct a final Gate Review with the guide and execute the customer handoff. The final documentation includes:

By the end of this term, the team was capable of completing all of these activities.

Test Results Summary

No further tests were conducted since the last phase when the product was demoed to our guide. The testing documentation and results can be accessed here.

After testing the team was able to evaluate the performance of the system against the needs of the customer and engineering requirements of the project. This information can be accessed below:

Performance vs. Customer Needs

Performance vs. Engineering Requirements

Risk and Problem Tracking

The team encountered a few of the predicted risks throughout the life of the project. These are outlined in the Risk Management document. In addition to outlining all risks encountered, the document also addresses how the risks were managed.

The major risks encountered in this project include:

Similar to the risk management, the team documented all system level problems encountered throughout the build and test phase of the project. These are outlined in the Problem Tracking document. In addition to outlining all problems encountered, the document also addresses how the problems were addressed. A preview of the problem document is seen below.

Updated December 6, 2017

Updated December 6, 2017

Final Project Documentation

The final project poster of the project was completed by November 30, 2017. This was printed and put on display for the project presentations on December 7, 2017. This will rotate on display throughout the Kate Gleason College of Engineering as well as the brewery itself. The final technical paper outlining the process of the project and the results of the completed product was submitted on December 7, 2017. Both of these documents can be found here:

The completed BOM for the project can be accessed through the following documents. This was finalized on December 11, 2017. It has been broken down into multiple documents reflecting common parts or subsystems. These are located below:

These documents include each part, quantity, the cost and where it is purchased/manufactured. At the end of each row, the team updated the purchase status of the part. This document was updated continually throughout the phases.

Additionally, the team has used these bills of materials to gauge the total cost of the project, which is outlined here.

Functional Demo Materials

The final Gate Review for the term will occur on December 13, 2017 at 2:45 PM. Following the Gate Review, final meeting documentation will be posted here.

Plans for Wrap-up

All that remains to conclude the project is the customer handoff. Four members of the team are traveling to the brewery on December 14, 2017 to install the system and ensure full functionality occurs.

Photos will be inserted here following that time.

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