P17342: IC Test Bed for Electronics Lab

Gate Reviews

Your team will hold a gate review with your guide at the end of each semester. This page should document any information needed for the review, as well as outcomes.

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

Current state of the project

1.) Expected Performance vs. Requirements

Snapshot of Customer Requirements

Snapshot of Customer Requirements

Customer and Engineering Requirements

2.) Issues Raised During the Detailed Design Review

3.) Comparison of Current Project Status to Original Project Plan

4.) Individual Team Member Status

5.) Comparison of Risk Assessments (Current vs. Original)

MSD II: Project close-out

Final state of the project

1.) Project Status

2.) Project Deliverables

3.) Individual Status

4.) Problem Solving

5.) Accomplishments vs Original Timeline

6.) Successes vs Shortcomings and Lessons Learned

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