P17342: IC Test Bed for Electronics Lab

Preliminary Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

Goals for Preliminary Detailed Design:

Completed Action Items:

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

1) Issue: "“if you're gonna do 20% can do 8 bits of resolution don’t need 10-bits of resolution”- Customer Dr. Fuller.

2) Issue: How do you quantify how long batteries last and why did you choose rechargeable/ what requirement to back it up:

3) Customer mention of software and button shut off so will automatically turn off when not in use or have button to turn off at will, this furthers conserve battery life.

4) 03962A board voltage regulation and turn off needs to be found.

5) Confirm functionality of Mass Interconnect's ability to deliver and measure voltage/current.




6.) Confirmed functionality of current sense circuit

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Below is a top level diagram which displays the signal connections between the microcontroller and major electrical systems.


Below is a schematic for a single portion of the Mass Interconnect system. The actual IC Tester will require 16 of these sub-circuits (one for each pin on the DUT).


Below is a flow chart which describes the main functions of the software to be implemented.


We tested the Nextion 2.8" display to show it would be capable of showing results properly and had the proper customization.



Needed to check 24V output and battery voltage level using GPIO to power system: comparators for this are implemented, one checks the 24V to the measurement and signal portion, the other checks the battery and tell when level is less than 3.125 V input ~20% level (user told to charge battery) Simulation and setup for this: https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P17342/public/Benjamin%20Lane/UnderVoltageDetection-Onlynon-inverting.pdf

Bill of Material (BOM)

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment

Plans for next phase

Benjamin Lane:

Brian Mesolella

Matthew Hohman

David Froehlich

Zachary Kruse

Hamza Masood

Nicolas Guerrero

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