P17342: IC Test Bed for Electronics Lab

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

Electrical Engineering students in Electronics, 2 and circuits 1 build, design or use circuits containing IC chips in their labs. Often their circuits fail and a faulty IC chip is assumed over peripheral circuitry problems. As result of this many good IC’s are thrown away each year at RIT. This causes students to lose not only some of these resources but opportunities to learn and practice circuit debugging skills as well. For an IC device such as the ones used in labs, a IC testing device could be built which would determine the status of the chips in question and possibly identify the problems inherent. The Purpose of this project is to design and build an expandable IC test bench for the TA’s and students that tests IC chips used in the lab setting. This tester should clearly indicate the state of the chip on a pass fail basis. The test bench and device will apply voltages and ensure current draw to each desired pin. For the testing process a user interface is to be developed where the user will select the IC to be tested. The test bench should be battery operated, portable, fairly small and lightweight and durable. The final product should be targeted towards the 50-75$ range. The design should process quickly, and be expandable so new test software can be written for further IC’s. This requires a manual / guide for the test bench for the TA’s or end user as well as the written up reports and engineering documents.


Use Cases

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