P17345: Deployable Noise Meter

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

MSDII we are shifting into implementing our design that we developed in MSDI. We almost certainly will have different problems to overcome. However by utilizing the Gantt chart we will ensure that we stay on track and complete the project on time. This will allow use to plan out our deliverables when roadblocks arise.

For this phase we will create test plans that will be used to establish that project works properly. We also will review our risk assessments to to identify major issues that may or may not occur.

Test Plan Summary

Below show a detail test plans. The test plans have three main categories. The first is the physical categories. This is all the weight, size, etc for the device. It ensures that the device is not to big that a signal person could install it. It also covers the safety portion of the customer requirements. The second category is the audio. This is important because it establishes that the audio circuitry is capturing sound and translating it into a digital signal. Once there is a digital signal then it can be compared to a scale to see how loud the crowd is cheering. The final part is the visual component. This makes sure that the camera and software is working to capture movement. If camera is not working properly or there is a bug in the software then the all motion data is lost.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment has been reviewed and the major risk is the lost of communication. At the moment using WiFi to send the data may not be feasible due to the high number of people in the field house. The other options are using Ethernet. The concern with Ethernet is a)not have enough cable and b) the connection becomes loose. If the communication between devices is disconnected then the overall system cannot function properly. Our risk assessment can be seen here: A live document can be found here: Risk Assessment

Problem Tracking

At the moment there are no major problems. However as the project begins to be built problems will arise. Since a lot of issues will be most likely be soft ware based we will be using the RITGitLab. This will allow everyone on the team to view the problem and track what has been done to solve it.

Final Circuit Design

Below show the final circuit design and layout.

Plans for next phase

By the next phase we want to have our boards and all other parts in hand. We would also like to have the circuit board built. This is also depends on the delivery time of the board. If the board takes longer than expected the board may not be built by the next review. However at the moment the estimated time of arrival is Feb. 10th. Also by the next phase we would like to have the camera and raspberry Pi working together. All software should also be completed or at the least in the debug phase.

Below is the Gantt chart for the whole MSDII:

Individual Plans

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