P17345: Deployable Noise Meter

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

MSDII Final Phase Summary

Test Results Summary

Video Data Summary
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Audio Data Summary

Risk and Problem Tracking

A live risk document can be found here: Risk Assessment

Live Problem Tracking Sheet: Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Final Paper and Poster

Final Bill of Materials and Schematic

Plans for Wrap-up and Recommendations


  1. The project be re-branded. By re-branded we mean that it is geared toward NTID. There is a greater interest of quantifying the deaf applause because it has never been down (to our knowledge). Instead of the goal of the project be used at only for convocation set the project up as an access technology project. This re-branding could also gather more funding as RIT continues to develop different access technologies for the deaf/ hard- hearing culture.
  2. Another recommendation would be to involve the Imaging Science college. While we did talk to some professors to help us get started, a continue presence of the college (whether it be in the form of students or professors) would have helped. We were able to manage to get the initial data proving the concept, however, with input of this college the method could be improved on and perfected. Along with this do not try to process video on a Raspberry Pi. It takes to long and is inefficient
  3. If this project continues with the idea of it being a excitement meter for convocation then we would suggest buying different micro-controllers for the audio part. The ones that were purchased for some reason do not work with the ADC that is being used.

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