P17345: Deployable Noise Meter

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase


For this phase we plan to do testing in the field house. This test will be important to make sure that we get the correct gain. If there is too much gain on the op-amp for one person then having a crowd will clip the signal. The other portion that we planned is get the new board. The new board will fix the issues of the old one. It is unclear if there will be any time to do testing with the new board. As for the camera portion we continue working to get the the camera and raspberry pi working together. We will track our problems using the problem tracking chart.


This phase saw many accomplishments. Testing was able to get accomplished in the field house. After the testing was done it was determined that there was too much gain. There was person across the field house and the oscilloscope was able to pick it up. This means that if there was a crowd of people, there would be no way to distinguish the level of excitement because each college would max out the op-amp. Also the new board was received and was able to be built. However only a preliminary test was done in the lab to ensure that it is working. We also were able to get the camera and the raspberry pi working together.


Test Results Summary

1)Set up of test.

2)Field house

3)Ambient noise

4)Directly below

5)Middle of Gym

6)Furthermost corner

Risk and Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

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